Monday, March 24, 2014

No More Tree Climbing? :O

Hey jammers, you may not know this, but there's no more tree climbing in Appondale!!

This is a screenshot of Countess. Apparently, the tree once great for napping in is now off limits to land animals! Of course excluding eagles. How sad.. I wonder why?

I've also been seeing something else. You cannot buy or play River Race anymore! I think it's because you're only aloud to get very little gems in single player mode (AND multiplayer) and not enough people play the game. 

I know I haven't posted for months, and the reason for that is I only post on this blog when I find something weird/cool/new/glitchy on AJ aside from updates and new items. I haven't quit the blog!!! I just don't post very often. ^__^;

Thanks for reading,

GeckoGreen123 (aj user grandmapolly)

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